You Will Stop Hating Exercise after Reading These 5 Truths


Exercise has never been among my favorite exercise. Yeah if I had to make a list of things I hate, exercise would go right up there in it. I used to work out as a chore in my routine which I just had to do with a heavy heart. The times I faced in my battle with overcoming my desire to not exercise were difficult. There was this feeling of guilt whenever I skipped exercising and that helped me quite a lot to hit the gym more often.

Many of you would hate exercising too because of the lazy generation that we have become. Who wants to spend their sweating like a pig and in pain, well nobody at all. But if you just stick to it and never consider giving up an option, that’s when you will reverse the pattern in your favor and get fit for life. I would mention a few points that shall help you in hating exercise less:

#1. Change Your Thinking:

The first thing you need to do is the way you think about exercising. If you tell yourself that it is good for you and that you’ll be a better person when you are done, it will definitely make a difference. These little things matter more than you think. There will come a time when your mind will give in to it and you’ll just end up liking exercise.

#2. Make a Habit:

You need to make a habit out of exercising. You need to shape all your routine around it. Every morning at that lame office desk, it shall occur to you that you need to go workout after this. That’s when it will become more effective and you’ll embrace it.

#3. Slow Starts:

You need to start slow from little things because these little things can pile up and be very helpful. Start with a day filled with veggie food or buying a new workout outfit for you. Doing these things can cause outbursts of motivation for you that may help you kick-start.

#4. Make it Fun:

You always do things that you find fun in. nobody likes to work out because it is lame and boring. Working out like that requires a huge motivating fire in you. That’s why you should make it easier on yourself by finding fun in it. Make your most enjoyable playlist for the workout.

#5. Pick a Buddy as Gym Partner:

You’ll go to the gym more often if your close friend has to go along. This will motivate you because you’ll get to see your friend and hang out at the gym every day. This way it can be more fun as well.

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