How to Eat Less and Still Be Full

Eat Less be Full

Problem: How To Handle Poor Portion Control

Portions have substantially increased over recent decades — by some estimates, as much as 200 percent — in both restaurants and at home. While it’s fine to eat your fill of nonstarchy veggies, much of what we overindulge in (simple carbs, fats, meat) affects our weight and health.

Solution: Change Your Plate

Johnson suggests making sure half your meal is vegetable-based, a quarter is made up of healthy protein, and the final quarter consists of a whole grain or starch.

For desserts, try a smaller bowl. At an ice cream social thrown at Cornell University, those given a large bowl served themselves 31 percent more ice cream than those given a small one. Use a bowl that fits inside your two cupped hands and sip water before deciding if you want an additional helping.

Solution: Break Out the Chopsticks

Use chopsticks or a teaspoon, or hold your fork in your nondominant hand. “Anything that slows us down and brings the focus back to the food counters a tendency to overeat,” says Johnson.

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